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What Is Andriod

Andriod Andriod is built on the open linux kernel. Furthermore, it utilizes a custom virtual machine that has been designed to optimize memory and hardware resource in a mobile environment.

And this virtual machine is called Dalvik virtual machine(DalvikVM), which is a register based on virtual machine, designed and written by Dan Bornstein and some other Google engineers, it’s an important part of the Andriod platform. And it differece to normal Java virtual machines(JVM) which are stack based.

Developers can 100% customize their Andriod-Device. The Andriod System Communication is based on called Intents, which are more or less just a String(with some data attached) which defines an anction that needs to be handled.For example:


If you want to develope Andriod applications, firstly you need to install the development tools just like ADT(Andriod Development Tools), you can download it for mac from here, or go to this website download it for other os.

And you can visit the offical website of Andriod from here. There have some steps which can teach how to get started and how to develop an Andriod application, even supplies lots of application examples.

So just enjoy it. Have your fun!