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Git Commands (2)

Group Changes

  • List all local branches in the current repository:
    $ git branch

  • Create a new branch with specified name:
    $ git branch [branch-new]

  • Switch to the specified branch and updates the working directory:
    $ git checkout [branch-name]

  • Combine the specified branch to the current branch:
    $ git merge [branch-name]

  • Delete the specified branch:
    $ git branch -d [branch-name]

Suppress Tracking

  • A text file named .gitigore suppresses accidental versioning of files and paths matching the specified patterns, for example:
    *.log temp-* dir/*
    will ignore log file and started with temp- files and all files in dir directory.

  • List all ignore files in this project:
    $ git ls-files --other --ignored --exclude-standard

Review History

  • List all version history for the current branch:
    $ git log

  • List viewsion history for a single file, including rename:
    $ git log --follow [file]

  • Show content differences between two branchs:
    $ git diff [first-branch] [second-branch]

  • Output metadata and content changes of the specified name:
    $ git show [commit]