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How to Learn Any Language in Six Months

Just see a video that teachs you how to learn any language in six months on youtube. It’s created by Chris Lonsdale. I think it’s very interesting and I believe those ways will be useful for us. So that’s why I note it.

The Big Question

  • How can normal adults learn a NEW LANGUAGE Quickly, Easily, Effectively?


  • There have 5 Principles and 7 Actions.
  • The two things that really don’t matter:
    • Talent
    • Immersion per se

5 Principles of Rapid Language Acquisition

There have four words you need to keep in your mind: Meaning, Relevance, Attention, Memory

Principle #1:

Focus on language content that is relevant to you.

Principle #2:

User your New Language as a Tool to Communicate … from Day 1

Principle #3:

When you first UNDERSTAND the MESSAGE, you will unconsciously ACQUIRE the Language

Note: Language learning is NOT ABOUT KNOWLEGE…, It’s about Physiological Training

Principle #4:

Language learning is about Physiological Training
- Talking takes muscle… when your FACE HURTS, you are doing it RIGHT

Principle #5:

Psycho-Physiological STATE Matters
- Very important idea… You Must Learn to Tolerate Ambiguity

7 Actions for Rapid Language Acquisition

Action #1:

Listen A LOT!
- Brain Soaking with New Language

Action #2:

Focus on getting the meaning FIRST (before the words)
- Use Body Language
- Use Patterns You Already Know

Action #3:

Start Mixing!
- So… get creative… start mixing!

Action #4:

*Focus on the Core

Week 1 (The Tool Box)

-What is this?
-How do you say?
-I don’t understand…

Week 2-3 (Pronouns, Common Verbs, Adjectives)


Week 4 (Glue Words)

-Even though

Action #5

Get a Language Parent
Language Parent “Rules”:
- Works to understand what you are saying
- Does not correct mistake
- Confirms understanding by using correct language
- Uses words the learner knows

Action #6

Copy the Face

Action #7

Direct Connect to Mental Images

Note: The original video address is