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How to Run Multiple IE Version on Same Computer

As web developer, we usually need to face the challenge of making cross-browser compatible. Especially IE browser’s multiple version. Because its quirks of rendering websites differently across its versions of IE6, IE7, IE8 and possibly IE9 and IE10.

Most of us have only one version of IE browser on our computer, and the compatible mode of IE is not really specific version which you want to simulate.

So how to run multiple version of IE on same time. Many developers install virtual machine to use the different versions. But this is not the best way.

In there, I will tell you there has a free tool called IETester can solve your problem. Use this tool can quick and easy way to run IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9 on the same computer at the same time. And this tool just only support windows operation system. It also supports develope tool which can help developer to check web application on different version of IE.

This is a screen shot of IETester:

You can download it from this address IETester

There has another online tools called Browser Sandbox can solve this problem, but it is not free, if you have money, this tool will be better for you. It support any versions of Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and also IE. You can go to this website to visit.